Friday, August 14, 2009

Blue Dusk

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11x14 watercolors
This painting was done for a challenge. Wet in wet was the method. I used a sponge to painting foliage.


  1. What a beautiful painting. It reminds me of the Northern California hills where I ride horses and run with my dogs. I can almost smell the coloriful blossoms on your trees and feel the fresh air. – Lori Margulies

  2. Thanks for your sensitive comments. I live in Western North Carolina where there are a lot of beautiful trees. too.

  3. This one is exceptional, Sil! Just a kiss of color and so very much depth. Also,another great title for a lovely painting. Congratulations!

  4. This is a great painting. I want it. Please send it to me right away.

  5. Glad you liked Blue Dusk so much. It shall be yours very soon.Silvia

  6. Poem inspired by this wonderful painting - also on my blog - diamond poetry.

    Hot Sky

    Blood runs in the wood.
    Sweet beauty,
    don’t you want to tell the world about that feeling
    for which there are no words,
    sweet beauty that draws tremor and pain
    like a wire through the body’s arches,
    through the brain,
    up and down the spine.
    I see your picture, your time.
    Winter black branches
    draw geographical designs in space,
    delta networks
    bleeding with the hot bay
    of twilight blues --
    a chorus behind,
    waiting for the wintry moon:
    a chanting silence --
    beauty and sadness,
    sadness and beauty.