Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blue and Pink Friends, from a series of Life with Papa

This is the first of a series I have entitled Life with Papa, but this one is called Blue and Pink Closeness. I wanted to celebrate my life as a child, which was a happy one. My father was a very colorful person and a very active person and he took us lots of places. He built us a beach house where we would go for 3 months every summer after school was out. We had a great time and got to play all the time.


  1. I am just crazy about the colors in your painting. Joy of a wonderful childhood. Simple,joyful and irreplacable. It makes a person complete.

  2. This is glorious, Silvia, and so touching when hearing the story of your dad and your happy childhood!

  3. Oh silvia, so rich - your memories as well as the palette for this painting! What size is this and is it paper or canvas? I hope it's a large one! It deserves to be! The colors vibrate with emotion! Can't wait to see the next one in your series! You Go Girl!