Friday, January 1, 2010

Portrait of Karin Jurick by Graciela Cabrera

8x11 Graciela paints Karin Jurick

My sister Graciela did this graphite drawing of Karin. I thought it deserved to be blogged as she got a good likeness.My sister is very good drawing people's likeness.


  1. This is a beautiful drawing - has a great feeling to it.

  2. Thank you Gary for this thoughtful comment. Graciela is very talented and your comment means a lot to her.Good luck with your show. I bet it will be fabulous. Silvia

  3. Loved your sister's drawing of Karin and loved your painting of Karin. What a wonderful painting challenge that was!! I'd love it if you'd contact me regarding a fun idea....Jill Polsby