Saturday, October 10, 2009

Three Times Honored

I am so thrilled and honored that I have received the Kreativ Blog Award from three artists I very much admire! Thank you Debbie Becks-Cooper, Rodica Voicu, and Rosemary Sexton. Please take a minute to visit their blogs.

7 things you may not know about me:

l. I love water
2. I love to paint
3. I love to read a good novel
4. I love my friends
5. I love my dog
6. I love to garden
7. I love my family
I am passing this award on to these seven deserving artists:

Diana Marshall who paints a tremendous variety of subjects and uses great contrast
William Cook for his unusual and exciting use of color and subjects
Dana Marie who challenges us with great inspirational subjects
Cindi DeWeese who playfully and successfully tackles a variety of subjects
Leslie Spanos who paints wonderful abstracts
Lori California Margulies for her beautiful California coastal paintings
Ann Rogers, great originality and use of color and values
I think you will enjoy visiting their blogs.


  1. silvia... i just got your note on my blog!!! wow!! im honored and to be in such distinct company as those who recieved it before and with me.. unreal!! double wow!!! thank you so very much!!!

    im such a klutz tho.. not sure what i am supposed to do?? copy and paste and give to others?? or just say a huge.. THANK YOU for your kindness!!

  2. Silvia, have been out of town for over a week and returned to your kind Kreativ Blog Award. Many, many thanks for such a nice acknowledgement. I will definitely post it on my site and reference your blog, which I know many will enjoy seeing your beautiful watercolors.

  3. Thank you for the award Silvia. And thanks for noticing my paintings.